Auction of Art and Antiques


For potential buyers

The goods on sale are on public display and can be freely examined at arTmando’s offices during the display period indicated on the relative information materials. Goods on sale are sold as-is, in accordance with the “as seen” clause.


The items are sold through auction according to the procedures and under the conditions contained in the general conditions of sale published on this site.


To join the auction, the buyer makes a written offer using the “irrevocable purchase offer” form you can find here.

arTmando also gives its customers the chance to make offers over the telephone and via fax, but these offers must be confirmed by submitting the form  no later than 6:00 PM on the day the offer is received.


The buyer will pay arTmando an auction fee of 22% of the closing price (the fee includes VAT and other taxes) for each item sold.


Sales are made to the highest bidders.


The appraisal in the catalogue indicates the starting bid (in Euros) for the auction.


If you cannot join an auction directly, arTmando can purchase goods on your behalf.

To use this service, submit the proper form (purchase proxy) to arTmando. You can download the form here or pick up a copy at arTmando’s offices.

This service necessarily involves acceptance of the general conditions of purchase proxies  and the general conditions of sale.

An attempt will be made to purchase the goods at the lowest price allowed by the other bids.


For potential sellers

Your items can be appraised at the offices of arTmando by appointment. Or, you can send us a picture together with any information that may be useful for appraising it, and arTmando will provide an approximate assessment.


If you reach agreement with arTmando to include your items in an auction, you must submit the selling proxy that can be downloaded here (link) or which can be picked up at arTmando’s offices. The items to be sold and the starting bid must be indicated on the selling proxy.


By signing the proxy, the seller automatically accepts the general conditions of the selling proxy and the general conditions of sale.


The items to be sold must be delivered to arTmando’s offices during the twenty days preceding the beginning of the auction.

On all lots sold, arTmando will collect a commission of 12.5% of the closing price if it does not exceed 1,500 Euros, and 10% of the closing price if it exceeds 1,500 Euros.


Within thirty days from the time the money is received from the buyer, arTmando will credit you with the closing price after deducting the auction fee, sales commission and any additional expenses sustained.



Let us know what you are looking for

If you are looking for special items or artists/authors, let arTmando know your wishes. If the item is ever sold, we will let you know before the auction starts. To benefit from this service, go to the field labeled sign up.


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